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Chipley Company is a turnkey contractor, specializing in industrial, commercial, private and residential construction projects. We maintain the highest standards of service and quality and are committed to providing high-quality construction in a cost-effective manner. This commitment is backed by more than 50 years of experience and a proven track record of successfully completing hundreds of projects.


Site Clearing

Set up erosion control measures; remove trees, stumps, and perform grubbing operations to prepare for land development.


Grading and Excavation

All operations involving cut/fill and reshaping of land; pond excavation; and soil distribution to balance a site. OSHA excavations for pump stations, deep sewer, etc. Building fill, fine grading, and compaction. Subgrade preparation including muck/fill operations, base material placement, fine grading, and compaction.


Storm Drainage

Installation of RCP, HDPE, and associated structures, including outfalls and rip-rap.


Sanitary Sewer

Installation of new and rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer systems; emergency repair capability for force main pump stations and failed municipality and private systems.


Domestic Water

Installation of new and rehabilitation of existing domestic water systems; emergency repair capability of failed water mains; Installation of meters and back flow preventers; live-tap of existing water mains.


Fire Service

Installation of fire hydrants, vaults, risers, and post indicator valves. Repair and maintenance of existing fire service systems.


Material Hauling

Available fleet of tri-axle dump trucks and dump trailers for hauling quarried materials, fill materials, and asphalt.


Concrete, Curb, and Flatwork

Setup, grade, and form for new concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveways, and slabs. Rehabilitation of existing structures by demolition and grade correction (such as water holding issues).


Asphalt Paving

With over 54 years of experience in the asphalt paving business, our fleet of pavers can handle from walking trails to driveways to parking lots to roads. We include milling, reclamation, full depth patching, overlay, and new construction.


Asphalt Seal Coating and Painting

Chipley Company has an on-site 6000-gallon bulk sealer tank supplied from Gem-Seal Cold Tar Pitch Emulsion. We use hot melt crack fill products. We host 2 seal coat application machines in our fleet, and a 1400-gallon portable nurse tank. We have 2 paint trailers and 4 Grayco LineLazer IV 3900 line stripers to preform precision layout and paint application. We can update an existing parking lot and perform layout for newly constructed parking lots/parking decks. Our handicap parking is ADA compliant.


Final Grading and Landscape Preparation

We perform final grading and landscape prep, if desired by our clients, including topsoil hauling/placement, proper grading and compaction, and cleanup of construction debris left by other contractors on a job site. Clean-up can be performed on hard surfaces by blowers, broom, and water truck.